Combating Dry Skin with Moisturizers

A simple solution to healthy skin. As we progress through the winter months, it’s crucial to maintain healthy skin by staying moisturized. Our winter climate leads to lower humidity and drier conditions, which has a significant impact on our skin. Additionally, the lipids in our skin (our skin's natural moisturizer) decrease as we age. If left unchecked, these factors can lead to increased itch, eczema, and may also aggravate other chronic skin conditions. Moisturizing restores the skin barrier. This mechanical barrier prevents water loss from the skin and also acts as protection against allergens and irritants. Maintaining this barrier through moisturizing promotes good skin health. The best moisturizers are NOT the expensive ones. Contrary to popular belief, the best moisturizers are ones that contain inert ingredients and are fragrance-free, usually not the most expensive moisturizers you might find at high-end stores. Moisturizers come [...]

January 14th, 2019|


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